2019 January Select Mixed Sale
Monday, January 21, 2019 – 11:00AM
The Meadowlands, East Rutherford, NJ

(Last updated 7/21/2019 7:26:21PM EDT)

Hip  Horse Name  Type, Sex, Color, Sire-Dam
 GAME ON HANOVER b, m, b, Donato Hanover - Good Common Cents
17   RAVER HANOVER b, m, b, Roll With Joe - Rockin Everyway
31   1-SH-CRAZED s, h, br, Credit Winner - Mary Lou Hall
32   1-SH-CRAZED2 s, h, br, Credit Winner - Mary Lou Hall
38   1-SH-EXPLOSIVE MAT s, h, b, Cantab Hall - Fireworks Hanover
39   1-SH-EXPLOSIVE MA2 s, h, b, Cantab Hall - Fireworks Hanover
55   DRAGON SAID r, c, b, Well Said - My Drag Queen
65   SAVATE r, h, blk, Ready Cash - Emma Rose
87   DANCING LISA r, m, b, Woodstock - Racy Deb
88   EDEN'S LUCKY CHARM r, m, br, Big Bad John - Pandemonious
102   SAND ARTIST r, m, b, Art Major - Parlee Beach
107   BETTOR'S UP r, m, b, Bettor's Delight - Fresh Idea
108   CONSOLIDATOR r, m, b, Triumphant Caviar - Muscle Toy
109   SEVIYORUM r, m, b, Donato Hanover - Armbro Domino
122   COOL BLUES MAN r, h, b, Art Major - Dontcrymetheblues
133   RAPID IT UP ART r, g, b, Art Official - Red Rapid Girl
138   SPOILERONTHEBEACH r, g, b, Somebeachsomewhere - Society's Child
139   SPORTING CHANCE r, h, b, Sportswriter - Rockin Beauty
140   SURFING TIDE r, g, b, Roll With Joe - Bonita Beach
141   TALBOTCREEKWHISKEY r, g, b, Somebeachsomewhere - Luck Of Michelle
142   WHAT CHAPTER r, g, br, Chapter Seven - Who Dat Girl
148   ARTOFFICIAL FLAVOR r, g, blk, Art Official - Allamerican Summer
151   BETTOR SPIRITS N r, h, br, Bettor's Delight - Spirit Of Eros
153   COMMON PARLANCE r, g, br, Crazed - Angevine
171   WINDSUN GOTHAM r, g, b, American Ideal - Windsun Princess
172   YOUCANIKNOW r, g, b, Roll With Joe - Pebblebeach De Vie
174   CHEYENNE DANNY r, g, br, Cheyenne Rei - Cheyenne Ina
175   CULPER r, h, b, Andover Hall - Cr Sister Suzie
177   HUNDIE N r, g, b, Bettor's Delight - Zagami
186   STENHOUSE HANOVER r, g, b, Donato Hanover - Sheena Blue Chip
209   ROSIEMUNN r, m, b, Dream Away - Hello Clarice
31 Total Outs