2016 Spring Mixed Sale
Sunday, June 5, 2016 – 12:00 Noon
The Meadowlands, East Rutherford, NJ

(Last updated 3/23/2023 11:10:11PM UTC)

Hip  Horse Name  Type, Sex, Color, Sire-Dam
 SEASIDE BREEZE r, m, b, Donato Hanover - Seaside
 SWEET JUNIPER r, m, b, Cantab Hall - Jezzy
 TARDY FORTHE PARTY r, m, br, Yankee Cruiser - Miss Baba Ghanoush
12   DERF HANOVER r, g, b, Cantab Hall - Drink N Drive
13   EMPIRESTATE RAIDER r, h, b, American Ideal - Shania Twain
15   EYES COOL r, g, b, Muscle Massive - Free Spirit
17   CARTIER ZETTE r, h, b, Muscle Hill - Liebchen
22   NO WAY BLUE CHIP r, h, br, Rock N Roll Heaven - Sealed In My Heart
24   OPEN ROAD HANOVER r, h, b, Andover Hall - On The Glide
28   POWER AND FAITH r, h, b, Cantab Hall - Breech Of Faith
29   PUPPY DOG r, m, b, Lislea - Poodle Party
31   RED HOT HILL r, m, b, Art Major - Uneek Delight
33   ROCK POWER r, h, b, Rocknroll Hanover - Michelle's Power
41   SKIP JIVE r, g, b, Rock N Roll Heaven - Dancinwiththestarz
43   STICK OF BUTTER r, m, b, Lucky Chucky - Winbak Roberta
44   SUNKEN TREASURE r, h, br, Somebeachsomewhere - Fastidious Hanover
45   SWIFT N TIGHT r, g, b, Somebeachsomewhere - Swift N Shout
50   A LIST HANOVER r, m, b, Somebeachsomewhere - Allamerican Nadia
52   BLACKLIST r, g, b, Donato Hanover - Ultimate Cameron
56   DELIGHTFULLY WILD r, m, b, Bettor's Delight - Wild Ride Hanover
57   DON LINDY r, g, b, Crazed - Lindy's Madonna
61   JUST FOR TODAY r, g, br, Credit Winner - Brandnewgirlfriend
65   LDEE'S GOLDEN BOY r, g, b, Conway Hall - L Dees Roccy
68   SOSSY'S KING KONG r, g, b, Dragon Again - Daughterofortune
71   MAGENTA MAN r, g, b, Muscles Yankee - Magenta Hall
77   BALLYKEEL BOMBER r, g, b, Majestic Son - Bullet Dream
83   KING OF DELIGHT r, g, b, Bettor's Delight - Enchanted Beauty
84   LOVE FORBIDDEN r, m, b, Riggins - Pavla Hanover
89   MAGIC MADNESS r, m, b, Kadabra - Meucci Madness
91   P L HEAVENLY r, g, b, Jereme's Jet - Tymal Trinity
96   WEATHER HANOVER r, g, b, Somebeachsomewhere - Whatsupcuz
201   MCDAVE r, h, b, Mcardle - Southwind Piper
205   TEAPARTY DIVA r, m, b, Art Major - Hannah Banana
33 Total Outs