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2002 November Mixed Sale
November 24, 2002 1:00 p.m.
Tattersalls Sales Pavilion, Lexington, KY

Consignor Index
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61 J-273 Miss Cambest b m Cambest Tappy Belle
70 J-275 Miss Silverheels b m Hi Ho Silverheel's Champagne Legacy
81 J-276 Cody Scores b h Dakota Spur Cellular Score
6 H-229 Absolutely Divine b m Supergill Armbro Divine
9 H-231 Angel Place b m Artsplace I'm No Angel
10 H-233 Artopia b m Artsplace I'm No Angel
11 H-235 Art's Inspiration b m Artsplace Unforgotten
12 H-237 Blue Mesa b m Albatross Azure Hanover
16 H-239 Chef Sign b m Life Sign Bistro Almahurst
19 H-243 Critic Hanover b m Super Bowl Concert Goer
23 H-247 Grass Is Greener b m No Nukes London Blues
24 H-248 Indira Hanover ch m Lindy Lane Imperfection
29 H-249 Mamasaysdance b m Dancer's Victory Set Me Free
33 H-246 Only Desire b m Malabar Man Deanella Hanover
35 H-244 Paris Bistro b m Artsplace Bistro Almahurst
44 H-242 Set Me Free br m Incredible Nevele Lovelorn
49 H-240 Star Symbol b m Abercrombie Liberated Angel
50 H-238 Superstitious b m Western Hanover Life's Dream
51 H-236 Traces Of Light b m Life Sign Go Lightly
53 H-234 Western Sensation b m Western Hanover Star Symbol
56 H-232 Dreamintheniteaway b h Western Hanover Life's Dream
60 H-230 Chaperone br h Mr Vic Somolli Wench
15 F-185 Butler's Pantry b m Abercrombie Jef's Inspiration
20 F-187 Elusive Time b m Life Sign Timetross
32 F-189 Native Personality b m Bret Hanover Native Swinger
40 F-191 Santa Catalina b m Niatross California Breeze
41 F-192 Scarce Commodity br m Ideal Society Southern Deb
42 F-190 Scarlet Orbit b m Scarlet Skipper Sea Orbit
62 F-188 Set Me On Fire br m Rustler Hanover Tea Cookie
87 J-271 Silvertonguedevil b g Camluck Porcelain
17 F-165 Cherished Place b m Artsplace Cherish Her
30 F-167 Mark Ye Well b m S J's Photo Bidin' My Time
39 F-168 Royal Privilege b m Royal Prestige Dame Cassin
47 F-166 Special Place b m Dragon's Lair Cherished Place
55 F-164 Treasure Island br m Island Fantasy Blinding Light
64 J-270 Carson Park br h Royal Troubador Outstanding Merit
65 E-154 Dyno Trevor b g Conway Hall Super Susan Marie
13 F-173 Bonnie Onyx blk m Groveton C C Dazzler
26 F-175 La Lupa b m Valley Victory Snow Pine
36 F-177 Pretty Dusty b m Meadow Road Witsend's Nimble
38 F-179 Royal Hall b m Victory Dream Princess Kosmos
58 F-182 Super Lane b m Lindy Lane Mine Again
71 F-180 No Conversation b m Conway Hall Caffe Latte
75 F-178 Tarquin Hall b h Garland Lobell Ta Ta Canada
76 F-176 Unstoppable Chip b m Pine Chip Have No Brakes
77 F-174 Westminster Abby b m Conway Hall Royal Hall
31 E-157 Miss Fancy Crown b m Speedy Crown Super Fancy
34 E-159 Panbrake b m Armbro Goal Have No Brakes
43 E-160 Secrethidingplace b m Artsplace No Secrets
46 E-158 Southtown b m Big Towner Cloud Time
82 E-156 Garden Variety b m Tagliabue Miss Victory Spur
69 J-267 Matthew's Boy b h Jenna's Beach Boy Ripple Storm
2 E-133 The Federalist br h Muscles Yankee Brown Eyed Girl
7 E-135 Almahurst Feline b m Nihilator Feline
8 E-137 Almahurst Star b m Nihilator Darling Wave
14 E-139 Brown Eyed Girl b m Sorcerer Hanover Goldlen Arsenal
25 E-141 Izora's Faith b m Storm Damage Alice Blue Gown
27 E-143 Light My Life b m Niatross Sconce
28 E-145 Loveable Esther b m On The Road Again Harlequin Hanover
37 E-147 Queen Of Mean b m In The Pocket Strike Up The Band
66 E-150 Jenna's Proud Lady b m Jenna's Beach Boy Cravina Raven
72 E-148 Playmamma br m Tattler's Torpedo Katura
89 E-146 Giulietta Ambrosio br m Valley Victory Keystone Profile
90 E-144 Home By Ten b m Valley Victory Martine Lobell
91 E-142 Carletta Ambrosio b m Mack Lobell Colette Lobell
92 E-140 Clessidra Ambrosio br m Pine Chip Carole's Caper
93 E-138 Miss Tina Ambrosio br m Pine Chip Castleton Blaze
94 E-136 Nannina Ambrosio br m American Winner Foot Loose
95 E-134 Stargate Ambrosio br m Pine Chip Starlet Swinger
1 G-203 UWC-Bina's Best b h Village Connection Bina's Best
4 G-205 UWC-Notion Hanover b h Mr Vic Notion Hanover
5 G-207 Abercrodebra b m Abercrombie Armbro Debra
45 G-209 Sightforsoreyes b m Cam Fella Absolutelygorgeous
48 G-211 Star Crusher b m Sonsam Starfire Almahurst
52 G-213 Valley Gal b m Abercrombie Napa Valley
57 G-195 Armbro Bohemian b h Artsplace Lost At The Beach
59 G-197 Armbro Ben b h The Panderosa Shady Willow
63 G-210 Ben-Him b h Donerail Keystone Logan
67 G-208 Legendary Man Ars b h Pine Chip Impish Legend
73 G-206 Roulette Hall b h Conway Hall Roses N Guns
74 G-204 Stifle It b h Yankee Glide Dontellmesomemore
85 G-202 Perfect Host b h Abercrombie Miss Smiles
86 G-200 Pine Bough b m Pine Chip Mee Kathy
88 G-198 Whats It Gonna Be b h A Go Go Lauxmont Quail Ridge Kathy
22 J-265 Good Gawdy b m Jate Lobell Whata Sight
79 J-259 AG's Legend b g Abercrombie America's Sweetie
80 J-261 Bootlegger b g Sportsmaster Funny Clown
83 J-262 Incredible Wish br m Incredible Finale Just One Wish
84 J-260 Lookin Smart b g Artsplace Ifyoucouldseemenow
3 E-151 Final Illusion b h Cole Muffler Glitzy Ritzy
21 E-153 Glitzy Ritzy b m Abercrombie Heather Hart
97 A-D Goody Goody b m Jenna's Beach Boy Good Performer
98 A-D Unnamed b h Artiscape Irina Lobell
99 A-D Unnamed br h The Panderosa Jazzy Jam
100 A-D Unnamed b h Cambest Keystone Sensation
101 A-D For Art's Sake b m Artiscape One Step Forward
102 A-D Unnamed b h The Panderosa Resume Speed
103 A-D Twice As Sweet b m Dragon Again Sweet Dahrlin
104 A-D Bullville Quickway b m Precious Bunny Sea Quick
105 A-D Ferry Lane b m Prakas Wishe's Keeper
106 A-D Good Performer b m Nihilator Armbro Clever
107 A-D Miss Popular b m Beach Towel Orbital
108 A-D One Step Forward br m No Nukes Im Alright
109 A-D Summers Soul b m Artsplace Summers Past
111 A-D Airborne Hall b h Royal Troubador Armbro Loon
112 A-D Baja Hall b m Conway Hall Blythesome's Star
113 A-D Botticelli Hall b h Conway Hall B Cor Spunky
114 A-D Can Can Hall b m Royal Troubador CR Gabriels Prise
115 A-D Cisco Hall b h Conway Hall Crown Me Good
116 A-D Daphne Hall b m Garland Lobell Delphini
117 A-D Darly Hall b m Blissfull Hall Diealogue
118 A-D Denise Hall b m Cambest Dahlin
119 A-D Joni Hall b m Conway Hall Just Having Fun
120 A-D Lancelot Hall b h Blissfull Hall Love Yah
121 A-D Loris Hall b m Conway Hall L V Goldie
122 A-D Marilyn Hall b m Conway Hall Miss Mystique
123 A-D Marjorie Hall b m Striking Sahbra Must B Wonderful
124 A-D Masala Hall b m Striking Sahbra Morning Greeting
125 A-D Mayfair Hall b m Blissfull Hall Mannart Ariel
126 A-D Old Maid Hall b m Conway Hall Ocean Breeze
127 A-D Pagan Hall b h Blissfull Hall Phone Addict
128 A-D Patton Hall b h Royal Troubador Poetry In Action
129 A-D Patty Hall b m Conway Hall Patina
130 A-D Rad Hall b m Jate Lobell Raetta Hall
131 A-D Spicy Hall b m Jenna's Beach Boy Silver Words
132 A-D Stellar Hall b h Striking Sahbra Smileforthecamera
133 A-D Streetwise Hall b h Conway Hall So So Beach
134 A-D Sunrise Hall b m Striking Sahbra Sos Virago
135 A-D Barkin Hall b m King Conch Boothill G G
136 A-D Yuma Hall b m Royal Troubador Yankee Dallas
137 A-D A Little Bit Rowdy b m Camp David So Rowdy
138 A-D Am I Blue br m Homesick Lobelia
139 A-D Arlene Hall b m Conway Hall Armbro Nanny
140 A-D Armbro Astute b m Village Jiffy Cunning Bunny
141 A-D B Cor Spunky b m Super Pleasure Tomato Aspic
142 A-D Blue Glow b m No Nukes Blue Mesa
143 A-D Counselor Hall b m Esquire Spur Therapist
144 A-D CR Gabriels Prise b m Prise Speed Gabriels Spell
145 A-D Dahlin b m Jate Lobell Spoiled Royal
146 A-D Delphini br m Armbro Bullet Trot On Joni
147 A-D Diealogue b m Die Laughing Leslie Hanover
148 A-D Dream Hall b m Garland Lobell Delphini
149 A-D Dutch Best b m Lindy Lane Panama Hattie
150 A-D Falconize b m Falcon Seelster Cam's Ski Bunny
151 A-D Full Of Laughter b m Die Laughing Full Of Love
152 A-D Gamsterdam br m Jeremys Gambit Stylish Smile
153 A-D Its All The Rave b m Rustler Hanover Simply Ravishing
154 A-D Jolie Hall b m Conway Hall Just Having Fun
155 A-D Just Having Fun b m Royal Prestige Gay Filet
156 A-D Justeen Hall b m Victory Dream Just Having Fun
157 A-D L V Goldie b m Joie De Vie Miss Piranha
158 A-D Lisa Hall b m Garland Lobell L V Goldie
159 A-D Lisas' Frilly b m Big Towner Ember Hanover
160 A-D Livid Lady b m Esquire Spur Landy Livia
161 A-D Mandie b m Malabar Man Final Action
162 A-D Mind Power b m Power Seat College Coed
163 A-D Miss Mystique b m Super Bowl Mystery Mood
164 A-D Must B Wonderful b m Balanced Image Super Wonder
165 A-D Ocean Breeze b m Super Bowl Sea Flirt
166 A-D Patina b m Lindy Lane Vickilou Who
167 A-D Phone Addict b m Precious Bunny Hello There
168 A-D Port Of Hall b m Nearly Perfect Port St Lucie
169 A-D Princess Kosmos b m Nearly Perfect Pagan Princess
170 A-D Raetta Hall b m Cambest Raetta Hanover
171 A-D Raetta Hanover b m Walton Hanover Rula Hanover
172 A-D Reflect Upon Life b m Life Sign Shy Reflection
173 A-D Rockette Hanover b m Big Towner Roanoke
174 A-D Serious Smile b m Die Laughing So Cozy
175 A-D Shipps Bunny b m Jazz Cosmos Nevele Swizzle
176 A-D Sign Runner b m Life Sign Peace Runner
177 A-D Silver Words br m Cambest Lisas' Frilly
178 A-D Smileforthecamera b m Speed In Action Tishes Wish
179 A-D Sos Virago b m Worthy Bowl Ider Down
180 A-D Stevie Hall b m Royal Troubador Second Act
181 A-D Stormont Jazz b m Balanced Image Boppin
182 A-D Therapist b m Armbro Goal Psycho
183 A-D Troubled Heart b m Troublemaker Cupid's Flight
184 A-D Twilight Time b m Garland Lobell Hasty Filly
185 A-D Valerie Hill b m Bonefish Hilary Almahurst
186 A-D Yankee Dallas b m Balanced Image Dicey Yankee
187 A-D Ace Hall b h Blissfull Hall Artbeat
188 A-D Agatha Hall b m Conway Hall Am I Blue
189 A-D Babette Hall b m Blissfull Hall Brandilu Hanover
190 A-D Bahama Hall b h Royal Troubador Boothill G G
191 A-D Capote Hall b h Garland Lobell CR Gabriels Prise
192 A-D Daisy Hall b m Cambest Diealogue
193 A-D Demon Hall b h Conway Hall Delphini
194 A-D Flavia Hall b m Garland Lobell Fox Ave Tiffany
195 A-D Jessie Hall b m Conway Hall Justeen Hall
196 A-D Limelight Hall b m Conway Hall L V Goldie
197 A-D Marble Hall br h Conway Hall Miss Bifocals
198 A-D Marco Hall b h Garland Lobell Must B Wonderful
199 A-D Merchant Hall b h Royal Troubador Majolica
200 A-D Psycho Hall b h Conway Hall Port Of Hall
201 A-D Queen Bee Hall b m Conway Hall Queenie Lobell
202 A-D Romeo Hall b h Royal Troubador Real Spunky
203 A-D Savory Hall b m Royal Troubador Smileforthecamera
204 A-D Sir Ned b h Royal Troubador Jezebel Lobell
205 A-D Slander Hall b h Sierra Kosmos Super Mixed
206 A-D Tamango Hall b m Apaches Fame Twin B Magical
207 A-D Wall St Hall b h Garland Lobell Windswept Pleasure
208 A-D Yakuza Hall b h Royal Troubador Yankee Dallas
209 A-D Carly Hall b m Royal Troubador CR Gabriels Prise
210 A-D Dallas Hall b h Cambest Diealogue
211 A-D Demi Hall b m Jate Lobell Decider
212 A-D Mama Mia Hall b m Royal Troubador Mind Power
213 A-D Party N Canada b m Rustler Hanover Lifeoftheparty
214 A-D Ride The Tide b m Jenna's Beach Boy Turn The Tide
216 A-D Tiffany Hall b m Camluck Typer Star

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